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Plan & Save - 2019

collective purchase order
Minimum order quantity 5000,-CHF
Extremely good prices!

There you go::

1. A collective order is organised by easinject in the middle or at the end of each month.

2. Every month, easinject sends you a table in which all the products we sell are listed in the following table are stored in the system.

3. Enter all the products you wish to order in the table.

4. The minimum order quantity is 5000,-CHF excl. VAT. You will receive a list with the prices on request in advance by e-mail.

5. The Order is possible 2 times a month and must be sent to "" by the 15th or 31st of a month at the latest.

6. We will send you the final invoice on the same day.

7. you transfer the amount to us by the next day at the latest.

8. As soon as the money is on our account, your order will be activated.

9. within 8 days of activation at the latest, you will receive your order Products with a shelf life of at least one year.

10. If a product is sold out, we will inform you.

Your advantage:

Lowest prices - regardless of the manufacturer!


Download price list

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