About Easinject

easinject is a limited company (GmbH) and is headed up by Dr. med. Jean François Reymond, doctor and CEO, and Regine Reymond-Nachbauer, former Key Account Manager and Marketing Manager who has worked for a well-known company based in Switzerland that produces dermal fillers for 13 years.

The idea
Despite all best efforts, it is only possible to train doctors on a sustainable basis and to establish yourself as a facial aesthetics practitioner if you are able to invest large amounts of time and money. On the one hand, the market for facial aesthetics is growing due to the ageing population and higher levels of awareness; on the other hand, the growing demand from practitioners for additional private services must be viewed in contrast with the financial and administrative parameters which are becoming increasingly more restricted. This market is a win-win situation for both parties: visible, rejuvenating results for patients and a lucrative sideline for the practitioner. Working in this business on a daily basis over many years led to the logical step of founding an online business: no geographical distances to deal with; no time constraints; no loss of productive time due to having to attend face-to-face workshops; no dependencies on pharmaceutical companies; no minimum order quantities required to generate fair prices – easinject was born!